Denver Skyline


Part of the reason that I put the site up this week is because I’ll be gone on vacation to beautiful Denver, CO through Oct. 11th. I’m looking forward to sampling all of the great CO breweries and seeing the Rockies again! I’ll be trying to post a little on Twitter and Facebook, but don’t expect too much. But now that the Event Calendar is up and running, you don’t have to wait for the daily roundup to see what’s going on this week and next!

Enjoy your weekend, I know I will be. Follow me on Twitter @nctriadbeer to stare jealously at the delicious CO beers I’ll be drinking!

Welcome to the NEW NC Triad Beer!

Craft BeerWelcome to the new NC Triad Beer website! I’m Aaron, and I took over @nctriadbeer about 3 months ago from Acey and Mike when they moved to Charlotte. Some of you may have met me or seen my posts on Twitter and Facebook, and some of you I’ve met out and about the bars and breweries of the Triad. I’ve had a great time promoting awareness of the craft beer scene in the Triad- a scene that I think is growing by leaps and bounds. From new breweries planning to open soon (Small Batch Beer Co., Hoots Roller Bar, and Pig Pounder Brewery) to new bottle shops (Stella Brew) to great new events being put on for the first time (High Point’s HopFest), there’s been a bunch of news and events to keep you up-to-date on!

With that in mind, I hope that this site can become a “beer hub” for the Triad, connecting you to the venues, events and beers you’re interested in. The Events Calendar section will be replacing the “daily roundups” I have been posting to the NC Triad Beer Facebook page, and will allow you to see not only the daily specials around the Triad but upcoming events as well. It’ll also be freeing up a good chunk of my time to focus on other ways to promote the local beer scene!

Finally, there could be no NC Triad Beer without a strong community behind it, so I need your help. Keep sending me information on upcoming beer events and news, talk to your local bar, brewery or bottle shop and encourage them to use the #triadbeer hashtag when tweeting about their upcoming beer events (you have no idea how much easier it makes it to track!), and most of importantly of all – keep drinking good beer!