Small Batch's Grand Opening Tap Lineup

Small Batch Beer Grand Opening Announced!

Ryan Blain of Small Batch Beer Co. officially announced on The Less Desirables podcast that they would be opening their doors this Saturday, Nov. 9th at 4 pm. Eight beers on tap to start, including a couple that they’ve never had at a tasting before!

Tap List:

  • Limonhead – 8.1% citrus brewed IPA
  • Big Bold Amber – 6.9% amber ale
  • The Ginger – 5.7% pale wheat brewed with ginger
  • Kranked – 5.2% stout brewed with Krankie’s Railhead Espresso (new name for the Perkolator!)
  • Match Day – 4.3% match day session IPA

Brand New Seasonals:

  • Monster Mash – 6.1% pumpkin porter
  • Thanksgiving Day Leftovers – saison brewed with cranberry sauce
  • Sweet Potato PIEnt – 5.3% brown ale brewed with sweet potatoes.

Besides their beer, they’ll also carry a bottle selection, be serving five or six cocktail drinks made with locally sourced ingredients and bar-infused liquors, and they’ll have a small Scotch selection. I expect that there will be a line around the block by 4 pm!

They’ll be releasing more information about the opening on their Facebook page and over Twitter, so follow them there to get the latest dirt!

Listen to the Podcast yourself here! Ryan’s interview starts around 2:30 in.

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